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FROM 178,000 PPM to 600 PPM IN 18 MONTHS

100X Acceleration of Natural Attenuation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons?

BioCure is a bioremediation solution based on 10 years of research which has been demonstrated on more than 20 spill sites, achieving remediation targets in every use case.

BioCure’s patented technology of isolating indigenous oil-oxidizing bacterial cultures from spill sites outperforms any other bioremediation solution on the market. Our unique approach is to use only local bacterial cultures, guaranteeing maximum efficiency of biodegradation and avoiding off-target ecological impacts.

We produce customized remediation solutions based on bacterial cultures isolated from samples of spill sites and supply them to our partners to deploy on spill sites around the world. In 2020 we are moving forward with international partnerships to enter key global markets.

If you are interested in exploring partnerships, please contact us.

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