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FROM 178,000 PPM to 600 PPM IN 18 MONTHS

In-Situ Remediation Of 350 Acres Of Crude Oil Spill

Our largest cleanup project, so fary, was a blowout of an oil well caused by an earthquake in Georgia.  The accident contaminated 350 acres (140ha) of a hillside with forest. Mechanical removal was impossible because of the threat of a massive landslide that potentially would damage the Ninotsminda village right below the site. Several remediation options were tested and BioCure was selected as it demonstrated the best results in a short period of time.
Most of the site was heavily contaminated during three days of the accident and TPH levels were varying from 178,000 ppm to 6500 ppm.



7 months after treatment began the site started revegetation.  we observed a significant drop in the TPH levels despite freezing winter weather for much of that time.
Heavy Contamination - 32%
Average Contamination - 54%
Mild Contamination - 72%
Water Contamination - 87%


After eighteen months the site fully regenerated with TPH levels varying from 600 ppm to 25 ppm.
All the TPH analysis was done using TNRCC method 1006 – Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, 10/10/2000, US EPA Method 418.1.
All results were confirmed and accepted by the Ministry of Environmental protection of Georgia and OSRL Limited.