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FROM 178,000 PPM to 600 PPM IN 18 MONTHS

In-Situ Remediation of 5.5 Miles of Railway

Another great in-situ case is bioremediation of the railway section of 5.5 miles. This case demonstrates the ability of BioCure’s oil-oxidizing bacterial cultures isolated from the contaminated site to bioremediate any kind of ground polluted by any kind of petroleum hydrocarbons, even very old diesel spills from “Soviet” times (historical pollution).
Initial State
Ground: Lowland with wetlands, grassy areas, gravel, subsoil
Contaminant: Diesel, extremely aged
TPH Levels: From 4500 ppm to 34,000 ppm
Method: In-Situ, solution sprinkled from the train.


​A​fter several treatments, ​we observed a significant decrease in ​TPH levels​,​ 80% on​​ average.

​Utilizing BioCure’s hassle-free approach, all remediation activities were performed using customers’ infrastructure and personnel. Overall remediation costs were decreased by 70% on average.
TPH level - 80%

Result of remediation of 5.5 mile railway segment​​, has been accepted by:

Ministry of Environment of Georgia
JSC Georgian Railways
Ministry of Environmental Protection of Adjara Autonomous Republic​